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By now I am sure you all know that was purchase by cPanel, Inc in 2012 with the intent of providing an excellent hosting environment while bringing exciting new features to Siteocity first. So with that thought in mind we are introducing a few new changes that you all will start noticing over the next few days.

The most notable change that everyone will see is the change in the version of cPanel/WHM on the server. Currently installed is the Release version of cPanel, 11.36, but we will be upgrading to the Current version – 11.38. Chances are, by the time you read this, the upgrade will already have been completed and you will have already seen some these new features. Visually, you will not notice any changes but there are many system changes that will greatly improve your experience with Siteocity and cPanel.

The two biggest changes to 11.38 are to the backup and SSL systems. The new backup system will greatly improve the speed at which backups complete as well as a more robust configuration to take the most robust backup possible. What does this mean for you? Reduced backup times means greater overall server performance which equates to greater individual performance for your site and email.

With upgrading to the Current version we will also see a new SSL system. The improved SSL management system offers a number of enhancements; support for UCC certificates, SNI (Server Name Indication), and enhanced support for Wildcard SSL certificates. Again, what does this mean for you? Well to put it simply, a single account can now have multiple domains with SSLs. So if you have one account with multiple addon domains and you want a SSL on each one – you will no longer need to separate each account to do so. For those of you that want/need to do this, it could mean a considerable cost savings for you.

And the last change that you will see is the trial bar for the new cPanel x4 theme. Please note, the new theme is in very early stages of development and is not recommended for daily use. However, if you wish to try it out feel free to click on the button you now see at the top of your cpanel.


If you click on the “Preview x4 Alpha your theme will be changed to x4 and you can play around with some of the early features with this new theme. Please remember that it is not meant to replace x3 at this time and that it has very limited functionality. When you are ready to switch back to your previous theme you can just click on the “Revert to Previous Theme” button, shown below, and your previous theme will be restored.


The main goal that cPanel and Siteocity are trying to achieve is the best performance and stability for your website while allowing you to experience the latest cPanel features. With this change cPanel is providing you the opportunity to directly help shape how new features are built by providing your opinions. So the more feedback you can provide the better!

If you do notice problems with your site, email, or control panel after these changes are implemented please let us know immediately. You can submit your issues via our ticket system, start a chat on our site, or send an email to

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