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Introducing Cloud Linux!

We are formally introducing a new feature made available to all Siteocity customers; Cloud Linux! What is Cloud Linux? Cloud Linux is a special distribution of Linux that creates a virtual environment for each individual account on a shared server, allowing Siteocity to have more control over the resources any one single account can use. What does this really mean? Previously, if there was a rogue user that was abusing the server it affected all users on that server. Now, with Cloud Linux, the server isolates that one user and keeps those processes from affecting other accounts. I won’t go into all of the techno mumbo jumbo regarding how Cloud Linux works, but rest assured it works very well. If you would like to know the technicalities of Cloud Linux please go here. How will this affect me? The good news is, Cloud Linux has been installed on our servers for a few weeks. So, if you are concerned with […]

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Updates from the Siteocity Team!

A lot of you are probably aware that there have been major changes going on within the Siteocity universe. While they are all done with the idea of improving the quality of service you receive, we will be the first to admit that not everything has gone smoothly.  We want to utilize the blog to notify and clarify what has happened, as well as what will happen. Over the last 12 months we have launched a new site, new hosting packages, moved to a new Data Center, and launched a new billing/support system.  The idea behind these changes was to move Siteocity to the edge of the hosting industry rather than being left in the dust.  The new packages were created with one thing in mind, more for the customer, and we feel that we have achieved this goal.  No matter what level of package you have the majority of the allotments were increased with no additional cost. The second […]

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