As Our City Grows, You Grow Too!

We are now offering free hosting to customers that have in the past, present, and future referred their friends and family our way. This program is going to be run very simple and smoothly. You get equal share for each account you offer up. There will be no money payouts, but we will be giving you free months on your current plans with us as you go on. This applies only to our Shared City Plans, not Resellers.

The Rules Are Simple

  • Every time a new customer signs up, they need to put your main domain name in the “Referred By” box on check out.
  • Each account you send our way we will be giving you a free month of service added to your current plan.
  • If you send us a Mini City plan and you have a Metropolis plan you STILL get a free month of service!
  • This new customer must stay for more than a month, before you are guaranteed the free month of service.
  • If you have previously sent customers our way and would like to get rewarded, send us an email (
Bonus Award Rule
  • If you refer 20 (or more) new customers, you get a free upgrade to a higher plan!

Where Do I Sign Up?

You don’t, if you’re our member you’re already signed up! :)
If you want to get started and get your months free, and you’re not our member - click here to sign up and start earning free months!