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What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting allows you to easily setup and manage your WordPress sites. We utilize WordPress Toolkit which enables uses to quickly setup, clone, update and manage their WordPress sites right from within the familiar cPanel interface.

Advanced WordPress Management

Manage plugins, themes, update settings and more directly from the WordPress Toolkit dashboard. Plugins and themes can be enabled, disabled and deleted for one or multiple instances at once!

Built-in Security

WordPress Toolkit takes security seriously. Utilize built-in functionality to scan and harden your WordPress sites. Recommendations in this tool come from trusted WordPress experts.

Test Before Deploying

Clone your live site into a staging environment allowing you to easily test out new versions of WordPress, plugins, themes and other features before deploying to your live site. Sync the cloned site over to the live site once everything looks good!

Smart Updates

WordPress Toolkit can automatically setup a staging version of your site with updated versions of WordPress, themes and plugins. If no issues are detected it can automatically deploy to your live site. Smart Updates help keep your site safe and secure.

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

Here at Siteocity we pride ourselves in providing the maximum amount of uptime for our customers. We are confident in our infrastructure that we provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee to all our customers.

Friendly Support Available 24/7

Siteocity's support staff is always standing by ready to help you. Our support staffers have over 20 years of combined support experience in the web hosting industry and we're always glad to help you.

Take Control of Your WordPress Sites!

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe is premium software built right into the familiar cPanel interface that helps you manage and secure your WordPress sites with ease. You can manage your WordPress sites, it's plugins, themes and settings with WordPress Toolkit.

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